I’m an IMPACT Fellow in Analysis plus Electrical & Computer Engineering and a Visiting Assistant Professor in the School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech, where I work on obtaining sparse bounds for various discrete operators in harmonic analysis. In the recent past, I was interested in obtaining estimates for degenerate and semi-degenerate simplex multipliers and in proving unboundedness results for multilinear multipliers adapted to subspace singularities of large dimension. I have also coauthored two papers concerning mathematical physics on fractals.

I received my Ph.D. in mathematics in 2016 from Cornell University and my A.B. in mathematics from Princeton University in 2011. My dissertation is entitled

“A Time-Frequency Framework for Degenerate Simplex Multipliers and L^p Unboundedness Theorems for Symbols Adapted to Subspaces of Large Dimension.”

My arxiv preprints can be found here.